ok, ok. sieht nicht super-elegant aus. macht aber trotzdem riesig spass!


tja, und das macht einfach spass beim zusehen 😉

schön, wenn es sich auszahlt mal wieder etwas neues zu probieren… 🙂

or Vegetation is over. Time to ripen

read on to come to know the truth about tomatoes:

[…] As I tie up the stalks, I think about the storms that blow through this time of year – bruising rain, sudden downdrafts – and it’s good to know that the tomatoes, at least, are safely moored.
But the truth is that I would rather grow tomatoes than anything else. Pathogens may spring from the soil in a hard rain onto the lower leaves, corrupting them, but the tomato stalk pushes upward, rampant, always probing outward, feeling its way, almost disregarding the fruit it was meant to bear.

Verlyn Klinkenborg, The New York Times

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