schon seltsam… genau an dem tag, an dem der postbote endlich das päckchen bringt, muss man dann in der zeitung lesen, dass der autor gerade gestorben ist…

bin schon sehr gespannt auf seine gedanken…

seltsam ist das allerdings schon.

Stanisław Lem

* 12. September 1921 in Lemberg, damals Polen
† 27. März 2006 in Krakau

like my cousin used to say, or in other words: spring is comming!

sorry folks, it took me some days to unpack my bags. but as promised i just snatched their sun down there and put it in my backpack. i already received some argentinian complaints, it’s just rainy since i left… huh
however, hope you like my south-american souvenir 😉

my has also been updated, now you also can rate images (please do so, i’m curious!)

just few days back home and there already happened too many things to tell. just so much: it seems like my run of luck about concert-tickets keeps on… jack johnson was very nice 😉

advice of the day: go out and celebrate the day. (in case you don’t have a reason for: you actually don’t need one!)

btw: some rumours say there is gonna happen something big the 31/3…