from lago titicaca i went to puno where i attended (just by chance) the opening day of peruvian carneval. after a few hours being stuck in the crowds i took the next bus heading to cusco (base of all machu picchu trips). due to heavy rain the 4-day-inca-trail was closed so i made my own 3-days trip (trekking alongside railtracks and starting ascending at chachabamba km108). as i reached the keyboard) back to buenos aires

appetizer here,
more-better-bigger there ->

okay, i guess this airplane is history. luckily it wrote its last chapter without juan (my pilot) and me.

probably it’s just the argentinian way of parking.
the good news: nobody ever had been seriously injured, neither in one of my overseen car accidents nor in this planecrash. don’t aske me how, the engine was told to be 70cm below surface after impact…